Real-Time Marketing — Panel Q&A

A thrilling time is in your immediate future.

I’ll be moderating a panel discussion called The Realities of Realtime Marketing next week at the Social Shake-Up Conference in Atlanta.

My panelists will be Erika Brookes of Oracle, Pablo Henderson of W Hotels, and Ragy Thomas of Sprinklr. Here’s the high level list of questions I’ll be asking.

  1. How do you define “real-time marketing” (RTM)?
  2. Could you please explain how RTM works?
  3. What is the most common misconception about RTM? 
  4. Is RTM specific to social media? How does RTM integrate with digital and offline efforts? 
  5. What are some great examples of successful RTM?
  6. How does RTM work behind the firewall? Technology, process, organization, budget, staffing, culture…what considerations are most important?
  7. What is the one thing that brands should avoid when getting started with RTM?
  8. What is the one thing that brands must do when getting started with RTM?
  9. What about ROI? Has RTM shown signs of being a better investment than traditional approaches?
  10. Do you have any predictions on RTM headlines over the next couple of quarters? Will there be a consumer backlash? More brand #fails like Kenneth Cole (intentional or not)? A new slow-time marketing movement?
  11. Anything else?

What else would you want to hear about when it comes to real-time marketing? Any specifics? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.



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