Review: @scobleizer @shelisrael ‘s new book, Age of Context

Age of Context, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

Next week, “Age of Context” will be available for purchase. It’s the new book from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, two people who have been watching the leading edge of technology for years.

I received a pre-read version of the book and enjoyed being taken on a ride through a very realistic vision of the future. One of my favorite quotes:

“[Data] is the oxygen of the Age of Context.”

Here’s the full text of the review that I posted on

This book is a great read in which Scoble and Israel identify the core building blocks for the next major wave of global innovation — what they call a “perfect storm of five forces.” The authors talk through examples of where industries and companies have started to prove the value of emerging technologies, making it easy to connect the dots on where this could all lead. In fact, readers may want to start with the epilogue, which puts everything together.

It helps to be oriented as a technology-optimist before consuming the content. If you are skeptical about the potential of emerging technologies, you will likely not enjoy this book. However, the authors balance their discussion of potential commercial benefits along with well-reasoned legal and privacy concerns. Although they cover a great deal of industries and applications in the book, Scoble and Israel could have explored business models in more depth and a couple of chapters read like grocery lists, rushing to mention as many products as possible.

Bottom line: the timing is right for the “Age of Context” and the principles in this book will prepare readers for the next wave of global innovation.

Age of Context should be available for purchase on September 25, 2013. TechCocktail has posted a great summary.



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