Exploring with Google Glass



I’ve ordered a pair of Google Glass and will hand it over to the marketing department on Monday morning. The plan is for every person in our company to use Glass for a week and get familiar with what it can do, as wearables are positioned to be one of the most important trends for brands. Maybe not in 2014, but certainly in the next few years.

After a couple days, my biggest takeaway is that it’s important to understand the potential of Glass and its functionality while monitoring the cultural, technological, and commercial environment of wearables:

  • Cultural, because most people are creeped out at the prospect of being filmed unknowningly.
  • Technological, considering factors including battery life, over-the-air connectivity, and application ecosystem.
  • Commercial, as the price must be reduced from $1,500 to drive mainstream adoption.

Keep an eye on the Dachis Group Twitter feed as my colleagues take turns as explorers in the weeks ahead.



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