Briefings this week: April 21 – 25

I am taking briefings with these companies this week:



  • Sysomos


  • Adobe
  • Beckon


As a reminder, I’m interested in hearing from companies that enable customer experience management, provide marketing services (including agencies and consultancies) and support innovation agenda items.

If you are interested in briefing Constellation Research on your marketing technology, visit the Contact Us form.

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  1. Hey Peter and Matt,

    Thanks for actually pointing that out. We had turned the blog off a few months ago and just recently reactivated it. Turns out that when we did that we forgot to turn the comments back on separately and you’re actually the first people to point it out to us (although it’s only been 2 weeks).
    Anyways, thanks for the heads up and the comments have already been reactivated, so feel free to comment away.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

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