The cost of Being Peter Kim

Twelve months ago, I decided to move this blog from Typepad to WordPress. I had been paying $127.07 annually and switched to a more expensive (and more functional) WordPress install, in addition to serendipitously dodging the Typepad DDoS attacks.

Over the past year, I’ve paid a total of $451.71 in fees. To offset some costs, I added Google AdSense display ads to the sidebar; total revenue has been $127.07 over the past year. Thus the net cost has been $322.60.

So, was it worth it?

As this blog enters into its tenth year of being, the options available for self-publishing have certainly evolved since its inception. When I was starting out, I had a tough time deciding whether to publish on Blogger, Typepad, or WordPress. In 2011, a couple of high-profile bloggers ditched their blogs in favor of Google+. Others eventually migrated to Medium and more recently to LinkedIn. Many people have just stopped blogging.

Over the years, this blog has always been an outlet to complement my day job, whether writing syndicated research at Forrester, building the Dachis Group consulting business, or leading digital business at Cheil Worldwide. This year I also added the “minority report” category to reflect on life as an expat in Seoul.

I’ve never worried too much about the expenses and they’ve also never gotten too crazy. For about $1 a day, the cost of having a platform for self-expression is certainly worth the money!

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  1. So how was your experience with WordPress? I guess moving from one platform to another is not a piece of cake. Does WordPress do better in SEO compared to the platform you used to work on?

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