What’s missing from this picture?

Construction began on the WTC memorial yesterday.  I was in downtown Manhattan last week for the first time since 1995.  Obviously, eleven years later, things have changed.  Most of the people visiting Ground Zero on this Saturday morning were tourists for sure and mainly from outside the U.S.  It’s nice to see that the area […]

Will city-wide wifi survive lawsuits?

Great news that cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston are on the verge of setting up city-wide wi-fi networks. We live in a lawsuit-happy world.  Technology is an easy target because it is often difficult to understand.  It took about six weeks between the Northwestern University announcement of iPod earbuds causing hearing loss […]

Side effects of Wired’s “Best Accidental Discoveries”

Catching up on reading this weekend – page 28 of the March issue of Wired has a list of "The Best Accidental Discoveries."  The top ten: 10.  Potato chips9.  Silly putty8.  Vulcanized rubber7.  Brandy6.  Microwave ovens5.  Artificial sweeteners4.  Penicillin3.  X-rays2.  LSD1.  Viagra These have done the world more good than harm, but I thought of […]

Sponsorships have saved and ruined the Olympics

A fun read over at ESPN from Darren Rovell on the top 10 worst Olympic marketing moments.  Sponsorships involve risk and over the past twenty years, sporting goods manufacturers have clearly become more risk tolerant in placing their bets.  Beginning with Barcelona 1992, we have entered into the corporate-era of the Olympic Games. As recent […]

Forget Chuck Norris. It’s Jack Bauer Now.

So Chuck Norris is cool and I dig the recent resurgence in popularity, but it’s pretty much nostalgia like "I love the 80s." You want a more diversified, 21st century hero?  It’s gotta be Jack Bauer.  Sure he’s a fictitious character on TV, but his Top Sixty Facts are pretty funny.  And accurate.  For example:  […]