Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

Lucy tunnel

A couple of months ago, I got a speaking inquiry. The highlights: during SXSW, technology-related, and involves dogs. The first two parts were typical for me. The last wasn’t. Call me intrigued.

It turns out that Purina launched a new line of pet food earlier this year along with a companion training app called P5. Their first event was at the Super Bowl featuring Daryl “Moose” Johnston, who taught his 3-year old dog Gunner to catch frisbees and had his 11-year old daughter run Gunner through exercises they had learned leading up to the event.

So the ask was easy – use the P5 app to train my dogs and show them off at a SXSW event. Although we only had about six weeks, it seemed possible…except for one thing.

My dogs are 11.5 years old.

In human equivalents, this means my bichon is 62 and my black lab is 74.

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