Vanilla Ice on social business

I’m in Miami. And when I’m in Miami, I think about the city’s heyday in pop culture, during the mid- to late 1980’s. And when I think about the music from that time and see signs for A1A, I think about Vanilla Ice. Whether he knew it or not, Mr. Ice was a social business […]

Pictures of matchstick men

Long before we had social media, we were just social. People have always been creators, joiners, and collectors. I’ve been cleaning out my house preparing to move to Austin and came across a collection of matchbooks circa 1996 – 2004. Restaurants stopped providing, so I stopped collecting. Transporting a small cache of highly flammable materials […]

Harnessing cults of personality

By now, you likely have heard about the couple who crashed last week’s White House state dinner. As pointed out by the WSJ, I agree that this isn’t an anomaly but the public surfacing of a cultural trend: everybody thinks of themselves a hidden star, just waiting for the right opportunity to shine. The trend […]

Book Review: The Blue Sweater

In September 2008, I was invited by Gay Gaddis of T3 to speak at the C200 Conference in Dallas.  At the conference, Jacqueline Novogratz of the Acumen Fund was presented with an award for philanthropic efforts in emerging economies.  She discussed a couple of powerful personal stories of her experience with water in India and mosquito […]

Is your social media activity a safety net?

For more visit MASS MoCA I’ve been on LinkedIn for almost five years (you can find this information on your Account & Settings tab).  Over the years, I noticed that once in a while when I clicked over to the person behind a connection request, they’d have recently connected to dozens of people.  Shortly thereafter, […]

A trip to the Louisville Slugger museum and factory

I was in Louisville a few weeks ago and had to stop by Hillerich & Bradsby's Louisville Slugger museum & factory while in town.  It opened in 1996 and is a place that any fan of the game needs to make a point to visit.  I was lucky to get a sneak peek at renovations […]