Guerilla keyword buying

In the wake of "google pontiac," I was checking Google and Yahoo! during the Super Bowl to see if anyone was trying to piggyback on major brand investments.  Sure enough, terms like "whopperettes," "brown bubbly," "dove," and "godaddy" were purchased by companies offering services totally unrelated to the keywords.  It looks like the 3 companies that I noticed – zooba, vcatravel, and thegoodsamaritanlli have since pulled their buys, but others have jumped in.

I asked Josh Stylman of Reprise Media about guerilla keyword buying and he had some interesting things to say, in particular that guerilla keywords can be effective in context, as SEM is "totally intent driven and non-interruptive."  He also pointed out that GM did this the right way by purchasing "kermit" to pull a Mazda on Ford.

A couple of related branding+search pieces have been published recently, including one from iMedia.  I agree with the logic technically, but it appears that vendors are trying to find new ways to position search to drive incremental sales.

I see the issue really heating up when the lawsuits start flying.  When someone steps over the line with trademark/copyright violation, expect a microscope on the anatomy of search and a flurry of activity in the affiliate marketing space.  With such high profile guerilla tactics, no doubt GM and Ford have already been seeking counsel on the matter (btw mazda doesn’t appear to be buying "pontiac" anymore).

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Super Bowl MANIA

Having trouble keeping track of all the Super Bowl content flying around out there?  Check out this list:

AdAge lists what’s showing

We’ve got video archives:  Yahoo and iFilm will repost commercials; Nielsen Media Research has Super*Views archives; And a dedicated site:

And data:  TNS Media Intelligence; VNU

And reporting:  on Budweiser; on Dove; on SB vs. Olympics

And opinions and other stuff:  iMedia Connection:  other ways to spend; Bailey Lauerman:  Vote for best Super Bowl ads ever; Miller:  Why do frogs when you can have a whole zoo; Windows Live Local maps out Detroit; CNET’s Satellite Super Bowl; engadget’s device roundup

I get the feeling that a large percentage of the PR world will be on a well-deserved vacation next week.

Measuring Super Bowl Web Traffic

Akamai has launched a Super Bowl usage index to track traffic sent to its advertising clients before, during, and after the game.  It appears that the premier site they’re delivering is Dove’s "Campaign For Real Beauty" v2.

If you remember, Keynote used to do this for all sites in 2000, 2001, and 2002.  Too bad they discontinued it after the crash – I think we’re going to see even more integrated TV-to-web campaigns this year than ever before.

Now if we could only get something like a Fireclick Index for the sites as well, we’d be a tantalizing baby step away from measuring what matters – bottom line results.  I hear that water cooler buzz is important but maybe clarifying with something like "because buzz signifies brand awareness which leads to consideration and purchase, meaning sales in the short term and loyalty in the long term" would help dispel the notion that the CMO and CEO aren’t on the same page.  Just think of your CEO as Rod Tidwell and CMO as Jerry Maguire.  And the CEO wants the quan.

Oh yeah, I’m also publishing a piece this week on advertising campaigns best practices.  Not up yet but hopefully will be by the end of the week.

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Reinventing Marketing

Two interesting posts today – Bob Liodice of the ANA wrote about "Reinventing Marketing" and Ed See of MMA wrote about "Reinventing the Marketing Organization."  These are both great articles getting to the current state of marketing and its need for change.  If P&G’s Jim Stengel fired the shot heard ’round the world to begin the Left Brain Marketing revolution, it looks like the call to arms is being heard.  Looking forward to hearing more and I’ll definitely be writing about the topic as well.

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Forget Chuck Norris. It’s Jack Bauer Now.

So Chuck Norris is cool and I dig the recent resurgence in popularity, but it’s pretty much nostalgia like "I love the 80s."

You want a more diversified, 21st century hero?  It’s gotta be Jack Bauer.  Sure he’s a fictitious character on TV, but his Top Sixty Facts are pretty funny.  And accurate.  For example:  "When Google can’t find something, it asks Jack Bauer for help."

Update:  Someone get Eric in touch with Jack and hurry – Google was down 12% tonight in after-hours trading after missing earnings expectations.

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More on Measurement: Wired’s “The Ad Scientists”

Caught up on some magazines this weekend – buried in the back of Wired February 2006 (page 145) is a GREAT article on targeting and measurement.  The three pieces focus on Visible World’s localized cable ads, PreTesting’s in-show couponing, and Prism’s targeted sponsorship.  Great leaps forward for bringing accountability to the murky world of advertising measurement.

Looks like the article will be web-live on Feb 7th.

Update:  check out the full text here.

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Accenture + Ford + Measurement = Good News

According to AdAge this morning, Ford has hired the firm formerly known as Andersen Consulting "for a U.S. media measurement and optimization program."  Too bad it took continued business softness and 30,000 layoffs to move the firm into 21st c. marketing, but it’s about time we saw some Left Brain Marketing outside of CPG.  Expect others to follow suit.  I’ve got a piece coming up on marketing mix modeling that you might find interesting – give it a month or so.