Facebook for sale – $2 billion

Business Week reports that Facebook is up for sale, looking for $2 billion. Some colleagues and I had a briefing with Facebook last week under the premise of "to provide details on an upcoming announcement in late March regarding a key expansion of their services."  We discussed an expansion of search and profile capabilities, whereby […]

Strange and ironic: hyperlinking gone wrong

This is odd.  A colleague sent me a link to this article, about the fact that big name advertisers and their media buyers are avoiding social networking sites, due to the risk of being associated with objectionable content. But speaking of bad associations, check out the first hyperlink in the article:  murdered.  It currently links […]

Rethinking positioning – are Ries and Trout still relevant?

Jack Trout and Al Ries are referenced in every marketing textbook for their work on the concept of positioning…which doesn’t necessarily mean that everything they say regarding marketing is correct or totally on point. A couple of recent articles on renaming Guatemala (Ries) and word-of-mouth marketing (Trout) have got me thinking about whether these marketing […]

Helio + MySpace: more light than heat

I thought this was an interesting announcement, coming so close on the heels of Mobile ESPN‘s launch the day after the Super Bowl.  There’s been a flurry of press but I’m not seeing a lot of analysis, even from some names like Om Malik…maybe people are holding their breath until the service actually launches. Going […]

The Roots Of Social Networking

Heard something interesting in church today.  In the 13th century, Frederick II of Germany conducted an experiment to determine the "natural language" of humans.  He took dozens of babies and gave instructions that they be fed etc. but not spoken to.  They all died before speaking a word.  Blogging isn’t going to save the world, […]