The known, knowable, and the unknown

When I was in business school, my strategy professor Jeanne Liedtka introduced a framework for strategic thinking that I use quite often, based on Fitch’s paradox of knowability:  any issue can be broken into three distinct parts:  the known, knowable, and unknown. This may seem like a simple framework, so let’s apply it to something […]

Now’s the time, the time is now

Today is my last day at Forrester Research. On Monday, I’ll officially be joining Jeffrey Dachis to build a new company focused on enterprise social computing.  You may have heard about this venture a few months ago. Why am I leaving?  Because I believe this new company offers both professional and personal growth opportunities.  I’ve […]

An Agency’s First Step To Getting “Connected”

When queuing up this entry, I noticed that there’s no category for "agency" related posts.  That’s OK because Mary Beth Kemp, my colleague and co-author of The Connected Agency report, has taken the lead on a new Forrester blog called Agency Futures.  So I’m cross-posting this, there. A lot needs to happen before agencies get […]

Digital Agencies at ARF re:think

The second panel of the day at ARF’s re:think conference was "The Agency of the Future" including R/GA, Avenue A|Razorfish, Nitro and Digitas. Continuing on the one-of-these-outfits-is-not-like-the-other theme, Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer from R/GA shows up in short sleeve shirt, jeans, and swooshes in stark contrast to other panelists in standard business casual.  Interactive […]