Report: State of Community Management

The Community Roundtable, founded in 2009 by Jim Storer and Rachel Happe, has deep expertise in advancing the business of community. This week The Community Roundtable has released the 2014 State of Community Management report, with three key findings: Community maturity delivers business value. Advocacy programs increase engagement. Executive participation impacts success. To download the full report, click …

Four Steps to Critical Mass in Online Community Management

Dachis Group’s Social Business Council recently published a white paper, created by member input and edited by Patrick O’Brien. Summary: Before users invest time and energy into a social platform, they have to know they will receive value in return. The conundrum that every social business professional faces is that the greatest value is only realized when …

A framework for building advocacy

Last week I was in Dallas with Lithium Technolgies to discuss communities and cultivating customer advocacy. To set the stage for the discussion, I walked through the presentation below. From Likes To Loves in social business View more presentations from Dachis Group The Likes To Loves Tour continues through October 19 – you can see …

How social networks grow

[Originally posted on Google+]

Last week, I was at a meeting listening to Richard Cooperstein discuss the growth of Facebook. He was the company’s first head of international development. He emphasized Facebook’s heavy focus on simplicity and user identity as key to growth, in contrast to MySpace in particular.

Before Richard, +B. Bonin Bough of Pepsi made me think about brands using social networks at scale. Before Bonin, I shared a trip down memory lane and a briefing with +Mark Zuckerberg in June 2006 with +Charlene Li where the big announcement was “Facebook Alumni.”

As I was flying home and looking through Google+ notifications, I had this thought on how social networks grow.

Austin, Texas: Social Business Capital of the World

Three years ago, I had lunch with Jeff Dachis to discuss an idea he had for a new type of business. At the time I was living in Boston and had just completed construction on a new house, a cul-de-sac met by the ocean at the street’s end. As we started construction on a new project, …

When mayors don’t matter

I get the feeling that although Foursquare is bigger than ever, its utility has been steadily decreasing as well. The root of this problem is the source of its value: users. Between mayor and superusers, where does the internet thinking we know come into play when thinking about the growing community?

Is your community prepared to help?

[leave a light on for your network] Warren Sukernek is looking for a job. He told me about it and now I'm telling you.  Does telling you about this feel like I'm violating his trust?  It's OK – he's public about his status. Warren did something that may seem counterintuitive after receiving his bad news …