20 GOTO 10, RUN

Some back-and-forth with the American Express interactive voice response (IVR) yesterday.

  • Me: “Representative.”
  • AXP: “I understand you’d like to speak to a representative. If you’d like to report a lost or stolen card, say or press one. For all other inquiries, say or press two.”
  • Me: “Two.”
  • AXP: “OK. To get you to the right place, please enter or say your fifteen digit account number.”
  • Me: “I don’t have it.”

The “last mile” in social business

I started my consulting career by focusing on electric and natural gas utilities. At the time, most utilities were thinking through the impact of potential industry deregulation which at the highest level would unbundle generation, transmission, and distribution functions. Most companies were more than happy to consider the prospect of removing residential consumers from their […]

Using Twitter at scale

In three short years, we’ve witnessed the evolution of Twitter from a way to exchange “inconsequential information between friends” to a business communication tool with a US$1 billion valuation. As Twitter’s user base has grown into the millions, companies have followed their consumers onto the service and started participating in conversations. You’re already familiar with […]