The M20: Top Marketer Blogs (gamma)

Lots of thoughts swirling about measurement.  One last tweak to the methodology here; I’ve put together metrics of authority, attention, and influence. Authority:  20% Technorati Authority + 20% Google PageRank Attention:  10% Alexa traffic Influence:  50% Feed subscribers Let me explain. Authority:  40% of total.  Technorati scored by rank decile, Google straight up. Attention:  users […]

Introducing: Top Marketer Blogs (alpha)

I’ve found some great new blogs through lists like Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs, the Power 150, and the Z-list.  However, it strikes me that most of the voices blogging about marketing today are ones that offer advisory services (mine included)… There’s something different about the voices that come from the client-side of the […]