PR Week: The Next Digital Era

PRWeek - The Next Conference
Next week, I'll be in New York to attend PR Week's "The Next Conference," described as a one-day summit on the most important trends in PR.  Edelman has invited me to participate and I'll be moderating a panel called "The Next Digital Era," which includes Steve Rubel from Edelman Digital, Mark Donovan from comScore, and Tom Arrix from Facebook.

The panel description:

"A sneak peek at the digital trends and tools that will reshape our industry, from the 'movers and shapers' who are already changing the game.  How social networks like Facebook will transform your marketing and communication strategies, what's really happening with mobile, and why search will change the way you manage your company's reputation."

The panelists have been asked these questions and I'd like to get your take on the issues:
  1. What's next for the communications industry?
  2. What's the biggest development in the social media space that affects all organizations? 
  3. What's the most underreported trend in the business world that you think deserves more attention? 

So here's the deal – I can register a couple people for the conference as guests.  If you're interested and available to attend (it's in New York at the Waldorf=Astoria, Wednesday 19 November), please leave a comment in response to one or more of the questions (I'd prefer one great answer vs. three tepid ones).  Best answers will receive my comps as a reward.


Update (11/17): Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I'll post again to highlight all of the insightful comments and have offered the passes to Steve and Jeremy.
Being: Peter Kim