The Social Businesspeople Archetypes

The Architect

These professionals deliver the theory, helping make the case for social business and identifying best practices being created as the industry evolves. They are typically found in roles like industry analyst, author, public speaker, or thought leader. Architects the ones that can help brands avoid ending up with structures like this:

Supposed to be the tallest hotel ever

and instead get something closer to this.


It’s important to note that not all architects weight form and function as equal in importance. That’s where you’ll see emphasis on social media and communications or enterprise 2.0 and technology.

The Builder

These professionals apply theory to infrastructure, helping renovate and remodel existing culture, process, and tech infrastructure. They typically have the title consultant or adviser on their business card. Builders apply methods that assess situations

Johari window

assist in creating process flow


and put the right platforms in place.


The Manager

These professionals are responsible for social business efforts within brands and are held accountable for their success. Managers typically come from marketing and communications functions, but all usually have experience with technology — a critical experience set in the current digital age. You can increasingly find professionals with titles like social business manager as the industry mainstreams. In any case, these client-side professionals are tasked with keeping the trains running, orchestrating internal departments, business partners, and increasingly demanding consumers.

Victoria rail departures


Those are three key roles — surely there are more to be added as we see the space evolve.


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