The Dachis Group acquisition that wasn’t: Pittman Digital

For two days in January, the Dachis Group office was transformed into “Pittman Digital,” the setting for a flashback scene in NBC’s Revolution. If you watch this week’s episode, you’ll see a lot of familiar buildings in downtown Austin.


Pittman Digital

The view from my desk.


To Set

A sign next to the elevator directing cast and crew to Pittman Digital, along with a quote from Friday Night Lights.


Pittman Digital

The reception area, complete with a faux blue glass PD similar to the usual DG.


The video screen at reception usually shows real-time news.
At Pittman Digital, the video screen at reception shows real-time news.


Pittman Digital

Pittman Digital

Some of the artwork brought in to replace the usual artwork on the walls.


Workstations at desks ran video loops of compiling code.


Source Code

The background included code written all over the glass surfaces. Not sure where it came from, but according to the script it’s pretty important.


To find out more about the show and watch a re-run of the episode, visit the NBC Revolution website.

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