Own the experience, own the future

Have you asked yourself why Apple launched iMessage when its core competency appears to be in physical devices? Why Google is interested in wiring Kansas City with fiber optics when it makes most of its revenue from search? Why it would make sense for RIM to sell to Microsoft? Or what Facebook might do with its IPO riches? For an answer – and what I believe is the near-term future of the internet, read on.

Forward With Ford

I spent a couple of days last week with Ford in Dearborn as part of an event for the social press/media called Forward With Ford. In hindsight, it’s difficult to imagine another company that could pull off what Ford did. For starters, the automotive industry occupies a spot within the American psyche. Ford products are […]

Facebook Live Events

[This post was originally written by Lauren Picarello, Joe Pinaire, and Allison Squires of Dachis Group Austin] Zuckerberg Suits up for Obama: How Brands Can Suit up for Customers Using Facebook Live The Facebook Live Townhall with President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prompted a lively discussion in our Austin office. Not only about Zuckerberg’s […]

Facebook Brand Apps

[This post was originally written by Charles Hull of Archrival | Dachis Group] In 2007, Facebook launched Facebook Platform so third party developers could create applications that leveraged the Facebook social graph. Platform immediately became a hot property, with thousands of small developers jumping in the game, each eager to launch the next great application on […]

Facebook Groups For Brands

[This post was originally written by Brian Stratton of Dachis Group Portland] Late last year, Facebook announced three major changes to the Facebook platform: more transparency about the user data that apps use, the ability to download profile information and a complete reworking of Facebook Groups. All three are likely to  improve the Facebook experience for […]

Facebook and Social Business Design

[This post was originally written by Gunter Pfau of Stuzo | Dachis Group] By now practically everyone agrees that Facebook is indispensable as a marketing channel. The marketing department has lead the adoption of Facebook within the org since the early days when Facebook Pages were first launched back in 2008. However, with Facebook burgeoning […]

Why you need a Facebook strategy

One of my first professional interactions with Facebook was in 2006. At the time Facebook had about 7 million registered users. I was briefed on their news of a funding round ($25 million), the progress of their initial mobile rollout, and enhanced "flyer" capabilities – which was how users advertised on site at the time (not […]

Social CRM = Consumer Engagement

Customer relationship management has been a difficult and expensive concept for many businesses to operationalize into reality, primarily because CRM implementation focused heavily on technology rather than process and culture. Social media creates new intelligence sources while requiring new processes and tools to manage unstructured information flow. In essence, sCRM theory stands synonymous with consumer […]