Reflections on Social Business Design

It’s been almost a year since I started building Dachis Corporation to make sense of all the social things going on out there.  Along the way, I’ve constantly been asked, “what are you working on?”

Today I’m ready to share part of the answer with you, which is social business design: a framework for understanding and applying social constructs to business (visualized above).

Social business design is a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive way of considering how a corporation, business unit, or project can create and capture value from today’s emerging technologies and evolving operating environment.  The social business design framework captures ecosystem (community), hivemind (culture), dynamic signal (collaboration), and metafilter (content).  Putting these into play creates improved business outcomes as well as emergent outcomes.  Measurement provides the backbone to the entire framework, as driving change requires proof.

Dachis Corporation has developed advisory and implementation services to help companies understand and implement social business design.  Over the past year, we’ve worked with some major brands on component parts of the big picture.  Moreover, I’ve been talking about social business design all year; to learn more, take a read through these posts:

Although we’re actively engaged with clients, still haven’t officially launched with a name or website.  To be notified when we launch, tell us about yourself here.

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