Enterprise 2.0 conference followup

I have a few content pointers to share with you from last week.  Let’s start with pictures…Armano posted sets from our E2.0 tweetup and dinner.  Jim Storer posted too.

I hosted a couple of panel discussions.  On the “lessons learned from internal communities,” my panelists did a fantastic job of preparation.  This awesome content is the output of Joan DiMicco (@joandimicco, IBM), Jamie Pappas (@jamiepappas, EMC), and Patricia Romeo (@patriciaromeo, Deloitte).

David did a great job of capturing the session on Ustream.  You can also check out related tweets, which make for a great running commentary on the panel.  For longer form content:

My other panel was on the main stage, “does social media and marketing matter?”  David caught that one on Ustream as well and again the tweets make for a great playback.  For longer form content:
My colleague Kate moderated a panel called “metrics in the hands of users.”  If you want to learn more about measurement in social business, you should watch the video and read the tweets.

Dachis Corporation will be discussing social business design further over the coming weeks and months, so let us know if you want to be among the first to know.

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