Hello and welcome!  It’s most likely that you’ve stumbled across this blog by accident and I don’t blame you.

So here’s what’s behind the name.  I grew up in Atlanta and back in the day, Koreans in the ATL were few and far between.  It was a long time before I ever met another Korean "Peter" let alone another "Peter Kim."  However, as Koreans are often Christians as well, combining the Apostle with the Smith of the Land of the Morning Calm was inevitable.  Second-generation Korean-Americans have a hard enough time finding their identity and realizing that your name is shared by thousands doesn’t help.

In any case, I’ve worked those adolescent issues out – fast forward to Philadelphia, McNeil Building computer lab on Locust Walk, Fall 1994.  After learning to surf the web using lynx, I discovered Mosaic and then Netscape 1.0.  I created my home page and it came up as one of six results in Yahoo! ("some crazy catalog out of Stanford – that’ll never make money").  Now when you search on "Peter Kim" in google, 27.8 million results return.

So here’s my return to the web in this era of social computing.  If you want to know more, check out my LinkedIn or Facebook profiles or Forrester bio and research, where I’m an analyst focused on Marketing (capital M) (I left Forrester on July 18, 2008).  I’ll capture my personal thoughts here, as we intend to launch a work blog soon.  If you know me from work, you might find this interesting as another side to me, but I really intend this to be a way to reconnect with friends around the globe rather than an extension of my work as an analyst.  Although sometimes those two worlds are just inseparable, right?

I guess sometimes work imitates life and life imitates work.

Being: Peter Kim