My #SXSW session “Capital vs. Talent” is today at 5 pm, Hilton 616AB #whosboss

I’ll be hosting a core conversation today at 5 pm in Hilton 616AB. What is a core conversation? “The informal discussions that take place in the hallways between sessions have traditionally been one of the most productive parts of the SXSW Interactive Festival. In 2008 we formalized this process by adding our Core Conversation program, […]

All we need is just a little patience

  “Childish impatience — this rush to get the answer before really thinking through the question — appears in our adult world, too…The answer lies in teaching methods that stress patience, critical thinking, and a delayed response based on deep and meaningful contemplation.” — “Relearning the Lost Skill of Patience,” The Atlantic, 15 November 2013. […]

Two railroad stories: one true, one false

  1) Four time zones in the United States were established to drive operational efficiency for the nation’s railroads. 130 years later, there’s a sensible argument that we can reduce that number to two — after all, the nature of commerce is quite different today. 2) The design of the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters […]

#ff @rohitbhargava

The tenth person I followed on Twitter was Rohit Bhargava. Rohit was formerly with [email protected] and has written a couple of books on marketing and branding. He's on Twitter as @rohitbhargava.   Earlier posts in this series: October 25, 2013 :: @marianne October 18, 2013 :: @marketingprofs October 11, 2013 :: @maxkalehoff October 4, 2013 […]

Be curious, not furious

“Be curious, not furious” was originally posted on April 6, 2012.


I have a friend who is exceedingly nice. She once listened to me tell her all about a person that I considered to have behaved inconsiderately. In response, she asked me why I thought that person had acted in that manner; I told her I didn’t know. She advised me going forward to “be curious, not furious.”