Snakes On A Plane – MSM vs. CGM

Last night during ESPN’s Home Run Derby, I noticed two advertisers.  One was hard to miss – Century 21, the sponsor of the event.  I guess the word "Home" creates a natural tie-in, if not in meaning then in pronunciation.  The other was during a 30-second spot:  for Snakes On A Plane.

This was the first time I’d seen the CGM phenomenon mentioned outside of the internet.  I was online while watching TV, so I went to the official site and found this fan site:  All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us.  So much better than the high-production value "official" spot.  Another case in point:


The problem is, given that the consumer content is so much broader and deeper than the mainstream, does the film have any chance of living up to its hype?  Certainly a very different hype problem than the Star Wars prequels, but definitely of a similar fang vein…

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