Consumers Love To Hate Advertising

PicadillyI published a new research piece last week called "Consumers Love To Hate Advertising."  At first glance, this seems like a big "duh."  However, the research uncovers some deeper insights.

Forrester has tracked consumer attitudes toward advertising since September 2002.  Things look grim, fsho.  However, consumers aren’t just whining about ads anymore – they’re taking action:

Why?  Clutter, Interruption, And Irrelevance.  The same reasons Jaffe would never recommend a pre-roll ad.

So imagine the alternative: an ad-free world.  That would be synonymous with a content-free world.  Consumers will not pay to replace lost ad revenue.  85% of consumers told us so.  You think that cable is the answer?  Hello, product placement and branded entertainment.

Until integrated marketing becomes a reality, advertising will continue to be a necessary evil – which is why consumers love to hate it.

Here’s a mini-metafilter on sites carrying on a discussion sparked by the piece:

(Personally, I fall into those small minority percentage that likes ads.  My favorite?  Miller Lite’s Evil Beaver.  It’s funny how times change – 20 years ago, beer and shoe ads were the most creative.  These days everyone raves about computers and mp3 players.  The geek have inherited the earth.)

Being: Peter Kim