Anticipating Super Bowl XLII Ads

Despite the record prices for Super Bowl XLII spots, I just haven’t been able to get into the hype.  Why?  Because I care more about the Patriots finishing 19-0.  And if you recall what happened with last year’s ads, I’m telling you that not much is going to change.

  • Consumer Generated Ads – looks like just Doritos this time around.  It won’t be much better than the rest.
  • Integrated marketing – another big miss.  GoDaddy will be the only advertiser that maximizes the drive to web.  Makes sense, they’re 100% online. will try.  They’ll bomb on this one like everyone else.
  • Impossible vanity URLs.  You can’t drive people to web if they can’t remember your 22-letter, 3-word address.  Keep it simple, stupid!
  • Guerilla search ads.  Cheap and easy but underutilized again.

If you want to start drafting your post-game wrap up, use this cheat sheet.  Fox has already won.  The Pats are 13.5 point favorites.  We’ll see which advertisers come out winners as well.

UPDATE:  If you’re looking for this year’s Super Bowl commercials, they should all be available on MySpace shortly.

Being: Peter Kim