Let’s Do [a Social Media] Breakfast

Chicken = Involved, Pig = Committed.

Hey, it’s great to be connected online and even better to connect in person.  I’ll be participating in two Social Media Breakfasts in the upcoming weeks and we can socialize about social media if you’re around.

– In Austin, Tuesday October 7th at 7:30 am, Rudy’s "Country Store" & Bar-B-Q.  We’ll try to answer the question, "Does Social Media Marketing Matter?"  Organized by Bryan Person and Amie Paxton.  Breakfast taco, anyone?

– In Boston, Thursday October 16th at 8 am, Ryles Jazz Club.  The topic is "Starting Social Media and Community-Building Programs with a Reluctant Executive."  With Jamie Pappas from EMC and Sam Lawrence from Jive.  Organized by Bob Collins.  Watch out if I don’t get enough coffee before we get mic’d up.

You can register by clicking through on the city links, above.  It would be great to connect on Twitter before (and after), it’s conversation you know.

Being: Peter Kim