234 Social Media Marketing Examples

234 examples, visualized. Created using http://wordle.net/

A month ago, I published a list of social media marketing examples.  At the time, the list started with 131 brands that were involved in social media to some extent.  (Sometimes not by their own choice.)

A month later, the list has added over 100 new brands due to the contributions of 81 community members.

Some interesting things happened along the way.  Dion Hincliffe from Social Computing Magazine requested permission to republish the list, no problem.  Almost 200 other bloggers have found the list helpful and I hope you do as well.  Unfortunately, I also stumbled across a few cases of plagiarism – two that were coincidentally blamed on "assistants" blogging whose work had not been checked.  (Really?  Maybe I need to get a blogging assistant, too.  But I’ll be sure to equip that person with a copy of the MLA.)

As my way of saying thanks, here’s a search engine shout-out to give credit where credit is due to everyone who has contributed to the list (either directly or through prior art):

Jeremiah Owyang, Mashable, Forrester, Mack Collier, Social Brand Index, Gavin Heaton, Philippe Deltenre, zeroinfluencer, Bruce Eric Anderson, Nick Ayres, Jeff Glasson, Luke, Mike, Robin Seidner, Tom Shea, Ed Nicholson, Stefan Halley, Tom Hoehn, Debbie Weil,  Marta Kagan, Paull Young, Kevin, Paul Fabretti, Nick Huhn, dominic, Michael Pranikoff, Kyle Flaherty, Ed Terpenning, Chi-chi Ekweozor, Lisa, David Bressler, C.B. Whittemore, Torley, David Jones, Keith De La Rue, Sean Lew, Tom Cummings, Donna Tocci, Adam Singer, Yianni Garcia, Matt Cronin, Stephen Manning, Jim Dietzel, Clayton, Mike, Kira Wampler, Woody Meachum, Lee Aase, Toby Bloomberg, Adam Denison, Colleen Gatlin, Davezilla, Gina, Marcos Fargas, Marianne Richmond, Kevin Barenblat, Dan Entin, Bruce Ertmann, Sean Moffitt, Elana Bowman, Dan, Andrew, James O’Connor, Herve Kabla, Sachin Agarwal, Lou Cuming, Danny Urguia, Kathrin Lohmann, Rafa, John Galpin, Ken Kaplan, Kathy Mandelstein, BJ Cook, John Welsh, Nils Koenig, James Finnen, Miko, Yvonne DiVita, Juny Lee, Massimo Cavazzini, and Gunther Lie.

But seriously…234.  Do you think that’s it?

Being: Peter Kim