Digesting The Austin Social Media Breakfast

Rudy’s Country Store, Austin.

Earlier this week, I had social media for breakfast with a group of Austinites.  I served up the topic of "does social media marketing matter," with ingredients including scalability and interaction.

Here’s what some attendees had to say:

  • "In a sense, [social media] owns you, and requires that you be authentic…" – Jon Lebkowsky
  • "…the session had a chaotic feel to it [which] might be expected, given the protean nature of corporate social media at this point" – Tim Walker
  • "…a burning issue that is often misunderstood by entrepreneurs, but the buzz-words of Social Media can create some confusion that needs clarification." – Fred Castaneda
  • "Peter Kim generally isn’t afraid to stir things up, and today was no exception." – Bryan Person
  • " …it’s really the spirit behind the technology that is most profound." – Mike Chapman

You can see the Twitter stream from before, during, and after by searching for #smbaustin.  Photos of me doing a karate chop and more are in the LiveWorld photostream.

Thanks Bryan and Amie!

Being: Peter Kim