A visit with Humana’s Innovation team

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While in Louisville, I was invited to sit in on a meeting of Humana's Chamber of Commerce.  It's a group of 18 individuals across the company who have interest and expertise in social media, meeting regularly to discuss how to make the company more social.

Before the meeting, Chris Hall took me on a quick tour of the Innovation team's space, which includes a game lab, treadmill desk, and freewheel!n bicycle, among other concepts.  The team's goal is to integrate healthy living into lifestyles, which results in better outcomes for everyone.

The Chamber of Commerce meeting was led by Greg Matthews and I was surprised to see that most of the discussion taking place in the room was being accurately reflected in the tweets of participants.  My assumption was that a level of selective filtering would be in place, but the content online very much mirrored the conversation.

The topics of discussion for the day included Louisville PM, Humana's social media commons, network access vs. security, and social business design.  Humana operates in a highly regulated industry (healthcare) and it's commendable that these individuals are eager to engage.

You can follow future meetings via #hcoc on Twitter.

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  1. Peter,

    Sorry for the delayed response… was dealing with some nasty issues with my personal laptop. 😉 Really enjoyed the visit and look forward to talking again soon. 🙂


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