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Hi – things have been busy and it's been a while since I've posted, mostly due to internal strategy I'm working on.  However, today Jennifer Leggio was kind enough to let me guest post on her Social Business blog.  I've written a short piece over there about culture, measurement, and managed expectations regarding social business.

Also worth reading, related posts from my colleagues:

I've got a lot in my head and will be back soon…

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  1. Peter,

    It’s great that the team is publicizing their thoughts for those of us that are very interested in this space, and where it’s going.

    I think a lot of the tools are certainly out there, but most organizations (particularly big ones) aren’t using these effectively to reach new heights with communication and collaboration internally. While I think that the people and the technology certainly can use refinement, I think the process (the conceptual approach to it all) is where there’s the MOST room for effective change within organizations. People need that road map.

    I think the technology architecture can potentially work itself out specific to the respective organization provided that the conceptual approach is one that people can get behind and believe in. Certainly measurement is a big part of the infrastructure, and one most companies will need to understand before taking the dive. Unfortunately, it also seems like on of the most daunting.

    I’m looking forward to future insights with respect to social business from you and your colleagues.

    All the best.


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