Definition: Social Business Design

Yesterday on the Collaboratory, I posted the definition of Social Business Design:

Social Business Design is the intentional creation of dynamic and socially calibrated systems, process, and culture.

Its goal: helping organizations improve value exchange among constituents.

Social Business Design uses a framework of four mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive archetypes: ecosystem, hivemind, dynamic signal, and metafilter. This model can be applied to improve customer participation, workforce collaboration, and business partner optimization. Doing so provides insight to help measure and manage business to produce improved and emergent outcomes.

To learn more, I encourage you to download and read the entire thought piece, embedded below.

Social Business Design

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  1. Thanks for sharing the thought piece. If I may suggest that in the future you just add a simple .pdf extension to the file and have it viewable (and savable) from your own site. In order for me to access this material you have made available I first must sign up for another service (Not that I didn’t notice the Scribd brand next to the download link).

    For someone like myself who merely wanted to benefit from your shared material it now involved another layer, one I hadn’t planned for. Albeit your email subscription another web application, everyone wants to feel that they chose to be a part of something and not made to be a part of something.

    Just one persons opinion and I hope I have not offended you in any way.

    As for the thought piece – GREAT JOB very well stated with logically based movements.


    James Chai

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