Six Social Business Trends To Watch

“Make no mistake, the future of business is now tied directly to whatever strategies and techniques work most effectively in a profoundly connected society.”

These are words from my colleague Dion Hinchcliffe, who speaks from experience and our work with companies engaging in social business design. Dion has identified six trends to watch this year:

  1. Value creation shifting from workers to outside the enterprise.
  2. Business processes as opt-in community-powered activities.
  3. Mobile experiences as the primary social channel.
  4. Business engagement driven by social analytics.
  5. Engagement strategies that scale across all important social channels.
  6. Anticipating and designing for loss of control.

For full detail on Six Social Business Trends To Watch, visit the Dachis Group Collaboratory.

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  1. Peter, a couple of thoughts and questions for each trend in order.

    1) Are we talking about outsourcing content
    2) the community dictates the business process? The external community or the internal community? I don’t understand this one.
    3) This one I agree with and should be huge for years to come. I used to think that real estate on a mobile device would slow this but apparently not.
    4)I agree with this but still think the pot of gold is in sentiment analysis which might drive engagement “better”.
    5) Agree that what happens on this channel and how we engage on this channel, is apples and oranges
    6) Underserved and undervalued until happens to you…

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