Endgame: Social Business Platforms

Three early social business platform leaders are emerging (Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce), while point solutions will continue to struggle and consolidate over 2014.

I’m a free agent

Four years ago, I saw a market opportunity and left Forrester Research to start Dachis Group. We outlined that opportunity for the world and gave it a name: social business. Dion Hinchcliffe and I co-authored a book that endcaps what we’ve seen so far. Today, the social business market has matured. Companies are devoting budget and staff to social […]

Vanilla Ice on social business

I’m in Miami. And when I’m in Miami, I think about the city’s heyday in pop culture, during the mid- to late 1980’s. And when I think about the music from that time and see signs for A1A, I think about Vanilla Ice. Whether he knew it or not, Mr. Ice was a social business […]