Forrester’s Consumer Forum EMEA – Integrating Social Media

Pk_mtvfluxWe’re heading into the afternoon track sessions of Day 1 at the Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum EMEA – Integrating Social Media.  The sessions from this morning have been well-received and Michele Bouquet from our Amsterdam office is taking a different approach to live-blogging the event.  She’s taking the unanswered audience Q&A cards and following up with speakers to post answers to the blog.  I’d say this is a manifestation of the agility concept brought up by David Armano.

Who’s that on the left?  It’s me, of course.  Actually, it’s the avatar I created as part of MTV Flux, a social network started in the UK, with an emphasis on mobile and video.  After hearing Angel Gambino’s speech this morning, I was inspired to join the community.

BTW I think MTVe needs some more "ethnic" avatar options…

Being: Peter Kim