Pew: Future Of The Internet II

Hey – did you catch this report from Pew?  It’s called The Future Of The Internet II and was released in late September, but was just recently brought to my attention.  The research inquired as to "how technology might evolve" and "the impact of this evolution."

Here are some of the thoughts I shared that were published in the report:

  • Scenario:  A global, low-cost network thrives.  I disagree:  "Profit motives will impede data flow.  Although interconnectivity will be much higher than ever imagined, networks will conform to the public utility model with stakeholders in generation, transmission, and distribution. Companies playing in each piece of the game will enact roadblocks to collect what they see as their fair share of tariff revenue."
  • Scenario:  The internet opens worldwide access to success.  I tentatively agree:  "I think this is feasible, but not in the timeframe. Government regulation will slow the pace of this change as political constituencies fight to keep revenue sources local."
  • Scenario:  Some Luddites/refuseniks will commit terror acts…  I agree: "WTO-type protests grow in scale and scope, driven by the increasing economic stratification in society. Some fringe groups or even cults emerge that isolate themselves from society, using virtual private networks."  Unfortunately, this is probably already happening.

If you have some time, download the report (it’s free) and let me know what you think!

Being: Peter Kim