A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples

Over the weekend, I created a framework to port A List of Social Media Marketing Examples into a wiki.  I also invited the 166 people who've left comments on that post to become the initial collaborators in the new effort. (At least I tried to…Google Sites seems to have had a delivery problem. If you think you should have a login, try your existing email address – it may already be setup.)

Soon after inception, several people asked about turning the list into a wiki, which is a natural container for this type of information.  However, I delayed doing this immediately for many reasons.

One of the benefits of doing so manifests in the framework, which allows users to sort information by different categories.  In an early experiment, I had created an alphabetical directory by company name, with 26 pages.  Continuing with that approach would've meant replicating efforts to relist examples by channel, industry, or geography.

Let me say thanks again to everyone who's contributed to help create

A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples

I'm looking forward to collaborating on this new community resource with you.
Being: Peter Kim