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  • “Earlier books I’ve read about social media — Groundswell, The Social Organization, Get Bold and others–seemed more forward-looking about how social media could change organizations based on early findings and early case situations. Social Business by Design feels a little further ‘down the road’…” – T. Sales
  • “In a field where snake oil consultants offer vague prescriptions and poor advice, this book rises to the level of “must read.” – Michael Krigsman
  • “If you’re looking for THE book to help you understand and explain Social Media’s impact on business, look no further.” – Todd Defren
  • “Technically, I compete against these gentlemen, so if I’m willing to come here and give it high praise I hope that would give you confidence in making this purchase.” – Matt Ridings

We’ve also done Q&A with Fast Company and Social Nerdia.

If you’ve bought a copy, thank you! We’d appreciate if you would share your thoughts on Amazon.


If you haven’t yet read the book and the early reviews haven’t yet convinced you to buy a copy, we’re happy to share parts of the book with you in this excerpt in Fast Company, a download of Chapter 5, and an opinion piece on CNBC. You can also read the first chapter free on Kindle.

Finally, we’d like to engage with you in person! Keep an eye on our speaking page for where we will be around the world.

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