Reviews of Social Business By Design

Social Business By Design has been out for a couple weeks and we’re hearing great feedback on the book:


  • “If you work in social media you have to buy a copy.” – Forbes
  • “For those trying to sell their companies on why social business makes sense, passing around a few copies of this book would be a good way to start.” – Information Week
  • “The graphics in this book are worth the price of the book alone.” – ZDNet

Sharing “Social Business By Design” #SBBD

Today is the official publication date of Social Business By Design. It’s been a whirlwind three-year journey from the original blog post that introduced the world to “social business” to a full book describing how to make strategy and tactics succeed.


  • If you’re a seasoned social business practitioner, you’ll find value in the frameworks, outlines, and visual thinking. As one early reviewer wrote, “the graphics in this book are worth the price of the book alone.” We relied on the information design talents of our colleagues formerly known as XPLANE to help make the 30+ graphics make sense, in addition to the decades of strategy, technology, and marketing experience incorporated into our thinking.

We’re happy to share parts of the book with you in this excerpt in Fast Company and a download of Chapter 5. If you want more, the book is available at and 800-CEO-READ (< best price).

Being: Peter Kim