Help Wanted: 21st Century Agency

Mindthegap I recently published a research piece on advertising agencies the marketers that hire them, called Help Wanted: 21st Century Agency.

Agencies – your clients need you now more than ever.  Technology change has driven consumer behavior to somewhere it’s never been before.  Marketers – most of you agree that agencies aren’t ready for the change and don’t even rate themselves very highly.

This issue has clearly struck a chord in the marketing industry – the piece was a cover story in last week’s Ad Age and this weeks AdWeek.  It was also picked up by ClickZ, iMedia, MediaPost, BtoB, eMarketer, and Marketing Vox.

So what to do?  One idea – pay Joseph Jaffe a visit and join the conversation.  We’ve been guest speakers at the same event twice already this year (and will make it a 3rd next week for the Ad Club of Boston).  Better yet – teleport over to Crayonville in SL and see what’s going on.

Being: Peter Kim