What happened to liveblogging?

We’re Blogging This! on Flickr via Beth77 I spoke at a conference earlier this morning in Dublin, The Digital Festival. I’m still here and listening to the other presentations, Shel Israel earlier and Russell Davies now. These guys have interesting ideas and presentation styles. And then it hits me – at a different point in […]

Rising above

Atop the Manhattan Municipal Building My company spent last week in New York and had dozens, if not hundreds, of interesting conversations regarding social business design.  One theme that Armano and I kept coming back to was signal vs. noise. How does someone rise above the huddled masses in today’s social media world?  Quite frankly, it’s […]

Some thoughts on Twitter autofollowing

Six weeks ago, I got a note from Biz Stone at Twitter, as did an unspecified number of other users who had autofollowing enabled on our accounts.  The core of his message:  “We’re going to discontinue autofollow because this behavior sends the wrong message. Namely, it is unlikely that anyone can actually read tweets from thousands of […]

Announcing the Media 2.0 Best Practices

I posted recently about broken windows in social media and asked if there was anything more we could do about them.  The prevailing sentiment in comments was that "broken windows" are a necessary evil, but the community would win in the end. Problems aren't going to fix themselves – as social computing goes mainstream, I see […]

Broken windows in social media

You may be familiar with the broken windows theory, namely how vandalism such as broken windows and graffiti lead to disorder in communities.  Fixing these types of issues restores order to communities.  In society, usually it's institutions and authorities that make something happen.  Naturally, people who live local can step up and get involved too.  (While the correlations […]

Social Media Predictions 2009

Community and collaboration are wonderful things. Fourteen great minds on social media have shared thoughts on what 2009 may have in store for us.  Here’s some of what they’re thinking: “Although it is now cheaper to launch an initiative leveraging Web 2.0 technology – it requires qualified and passionate people to make them successful.” – […]

Social Media Marketing’s New Clothes

Lewis writes, “Don’t Say ROI Unless You Mean It.”  Agreed.  I see a lot of bloggers wading into unfamiliar territory, starting to spew opinions on measuring return on investment (ROI).  It’s easy for anyone with an understanding of business finance to see the shallowness of these analyses.  But don’t be surprised – has not knowing […]

Slicing and Dicing A List of Social Media Marketing Examples

Since starting a list of social media marketing examples, I’ve seen some great work to frame content for specific uses: By technology/media type I posted a framework on Mashable called The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan Ray Schiel has listed almost all the examples by category By country Australia: former colleague Steven Noble has […]