The Next Decade of Social Media

Last week, I shared some thoughts on the next decade of social media at the 2015 Cannes Lions festival. The key points are highlighted in this Guardian article: Gone Shoppable Snackable Automated Connective Filtered Integrated Chinese Subcutaneous Empowering More coverage of the talk is available in these write-ups: “Ten social media trends that will shape marketing over the […]

With Facebook IPO, Social Business Becomes Key

We published this a couple weeks ago at CNBC. Although Facebook’s IPO has been widely panned, it’s important to keep in mind that the company still has a market cap of over $65 billion – that’s pretty big. And that valuation has meaningful implications for social business.

Facebook’s fMC

Yesterday in New York, Facebook hosted the first annual fMC gathering, hosted by their global marketing solutions team. Our experts have posted about some of the major changes, including Timeline For Brands and Reach Generator, Premium, and Offers. As a strategist, the session I appreciated most was led by Mike Fox called “Driving maximum value […]

Is social media free?

In 2002, I was having a budget conversation with my CFO. I was general manager of the online store and we were discussing my requests for FTEs, technology upgrades, and marketing spend. The CFO asked me, “this is an online store…why do we need to spend any more money…doesn’t it run itself?” (I’m 99% sure he wasn’t joking.)

This week, news has been circulating that FMCG company Procter & Gamble will eliminate 1,600 jobs and shift more budget into digital media. The headline over at Business Insider is a bit more incendiary: “P&G To Lay Off 1,600 After Discovering It’s Free To Advertise On Facebook.”

The statement that “it’s free to advertise on Facebook” is wrong at minimum and leads executives to a potentially dangerous point of view regarding social business.

A simple followup on Facebook’s complex plan

About a year ago, Facebook announced its plan to expand its platform availability and allow users to link disparate online activities into a single social graph. It’s a year later and the competition has yet to respond. Google’s +1 still hasn’t fully launched. Beyond that, Yahoo! was the only other company able to compete on a broad […]

Four year flashback: Would you buy Facebook or DoubleClick?

In March 2007, I moderated a panel discussion for the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York called “The Future of Advertising: Integrated Marketing.” To close the evening, I asked the audience a question: “If you were a VC with $2 billion to spend, which would you buy:  Facebook or DoubleClick?” Here’s what happened. So much […]

Facebook Live Events

[This post was originally written by Lauren Picarello, Joe Pinaire, and Allison Squires of Dachis Group Austin] Zuckerberg Suits up for Obama: How Brands Can Suit up for Customers Using Facebook Live The Facebook Live Townhall with President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prompted a lively discussion in our Austin office. Not only about Zuckerberg’s […]

Facebook Brand Apps

[This post was originally written by Charles Hull of Archrival | Dachis Group] In 2007, Facebook launched Facebook Platform so third party developers could create applications that leveraged the Facebook social graph. Platform immediately became a hot property, with thousands of small developers jumping in the game, each eager to launch the next great application on […]