The Chinese Financial Crisis: Danger or Opportunity?

Crisis: 危机 China’s stock market has been in global headlines for the past two months as share prices have lost all of this year’s gains and uncertainty remains over what lies ahead. A financial crisis in the world’s second largest economy certainly warrants the attention of marketers, who must determine what impact the situation might have …

The Next Decade of Social Media

Last week, I shared some thoughts on the next decade of social media at the 2015 Cannes Lions festival. The key points are highlighted in this Guardian article: Gone Shoppable Snackable Automated Connective Filtered Integrated Chinese Subcutaneous Empowering More coverage of the talk is available in these write-ups: “Ten social media trends that will shape marketing over the …

Understanding China’s digital and social media landscape

China is the world’s largest digital market, with the most online users and social media participants. While brands can use many lessons learned regarding consumers and content, the unavailability of familiar channels requires marketers to better understand the nuances of China’s digital marketing and social media landscape.

Being: Peter Kim