Moving from Typepad to WordPress

After eight years, I’ve finally moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress.   I’ve never sought to make a living from my blog, but I enjoy tinkering around with infrastructure enough to be frustrated with Typepad’s stagnant platform. In the early days, Blogspot, Typepad, and WordPress were all feasible options when starting to blog. These …

My #SXSW session “Capital vs. Talent” is today at 5 pm, Hilton 616AB #whosboss

I’ll be hosting a core conversation today at 5 pm in Hilton 616AB. What is a core conversation? “The informal discussions that take place in the hallways between sessions have traditionally been one of the most productive parts of the SXSW Interactive Festival. In 2008 we formalized this process by adding our Core Conversation program, …

Here’s what $334.75 of @Target fraud looks like

A couple of months ago, I noticed a string of fraudulent charges on my credit card. Someone had used my credit card number to complete five transactions within 13 minutes at the Target Cityplace Dallas. Here’s what they bought.

Being: Peter Kim